The Washington State MGMA listserv is an email forum intended to facilitate dialogue and idea sharing among Washington State MGMA members about current practice management issues. All members are encouraged to pose and respond to questions, participate in discussions, offer ideas and share experiences with others through the forum. Want to participate? Become a Member today!

Members: post a question now! [email protected] 

Who has access to the Listserv?
All active Washington State MGMA members with current dues paid have access to the listserv. Members may opt-out of participating in the listserv.

Change your Settings
To update your listserv settings, login with your email address. After logging in, go to “My Features” and click on "E-Lists."

Guidelines For Using the Listserv- Click here for full Listserv Terms and Conditions

  • When you hit the "Reply" button, every member of the listserv will see your email.
  • People value their time. Don't use the listserv to pass on jokes or other messages not related to the interest of those on the listserv.
  • The listserv is not to be used for job postings, employee recruitment or to share employee compensation. For information about posting job openings on the Washington State MGMA web site, please click here.
  • If you want your message to go only to the original sender, you should enter the address of the sender (or cut and paste it from the original message) into the "TO" line.
  • Do not reply to a listserv message to send a "thank you" or direct a comment/question to an individual. Instead, forward the message and send the email directly to that individual.
  • All listserv messages are to be considered confidential. Do not forward or share listserv messages with anyone - including non-member employees or non-member vendors. Violation of this policy shall result in member termination.

Questions about the listserv? Contact Washington State MGMA.